The 2010 MYA IOM National Championships will be held over the weekend of May 29th - 31st at West Kirby Sailing Club.

Situated on the Wirral Peninsula, it will also be the venue for the 2011 World Championships.

Supported by the MYA, ( Model Yachting Association) MYA Northern District and West Kirby Sailing Club, it will be attended by some of the top skippers from the UK and Europe.

It is open to any skipper who is a member of the MYA or affiliates to it via other organisations.

This site will be the place for all your information relating to this event, before, during and after the event.

SAT NAV Details- CH48 3HZ

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Day 2

There was a total change to the wet conditions of yesterday, we were greeted with rolling white horses and a cutting wind, However the sun did shine.
With winds of 25knots+ conditions were testing, with survival being on many skippers minds. Unfortunately some didn't survive and there were several boats who pulled out of the days battles due to the strength of the wind and the damaged caused by the wind and power of the waves.
Peter Stollery kept the racing going allowing a total of 12 races to be completed so far in the event. With court jester Jeff Hill attempting to bully skippers into observing with his jovial manner!!!?
Competition at the top of the fleet is stronger than ever, with few points splitting the top ten, and the winner could come from any one of 5 skippers.
Those currently sitting at the top are sailing boats suited to the tough conditions today, so the forecast of light winds for Monday could be a worry to them.
Although they were all putting on a brave face in the bar later!

Plenty of photos have been taken over the weekend and we will put these on the web as soon as possible.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

End of Day 1 results


Day 1

Wet & windy...

All the competitors arrived to find a strong South/ South Easterly wind accompanying the steady rain falling on the 1st morning. We were greeted by the President of West Kirby SC who gave us all a warm welcome, Pete Stollery (PRO) ran through the do's and don'ts and we started the 1st of 5 seeding races promptly at 10.00am. The weather and building wind gave some un expected results in the seeding, with some of the top names not making the A fleet.

The incoming tide brought in even more wind, with all but the bravest changing down to their No 2 rig, although even they were forced to change down very quickly after seeing some spectacular wipeouts.

The race team did an excellent job of keeping the event moving quickly, with 5 races of 5 heats completed in the day. Skippers should also take credit, with protests kept to a minimum, with only two heard during the day, neither of which held the racing up.

Although the wind dropped slightly it was only in the last hour of the day that all skippers went back onto their A rigs.

At the end of the day most skippers retired to the club bar to chat and discuss the days events.

The racing looks like being even hotter tomorrow with the top guys slotting in the A heat, and those pushed down the fleet looking to climb back up, something, given the quality of the racers that is going to be very hard.

Forecast is for a nice day with 21 mph winds.... Bring it on.

The 1st days provisional results will be posted soon, when everyone retires from the bar!

(Post rewritten Sun AM, after a re read! I only had a couple of pints honest!)

Friday, 28 May 2010

Practice Day & Registration

Skippers started arriving from around noon on Friday, with the measurement team starting their arduous process from 1.00pm. As usual, their were a few boats that needed a bit of "tinkering" to satisfy the measurement team, but nothing too drastic.

Most skippers took the opportunity to grab the chance for practice and tune up. The weather was fantastic with a good top of No 1 breeze and bright sunshine. Almost all skippers took the chance to shake down their smaller rigs as well given the forecast for Saturday.

There are a variety of designs on display this weekend and a visit if at all possible is recommended.

Hanneke Gillissen has agreed to provide a few of her images each day to give you a flavour of what's going on.

Here are a couple.

More can be seen here.

Friday 28th Update

A couple of late withdrawals, (sorry to hear you couldnt make it guys) but this still leaves well over 70 entries.
Forecast is a bit mixed but other than early Saturday should be ok.

Keep checking in for regular score updates,
Graham Allen will be posting HMS scores over the weekend, and hopefully images of the days.

Good luck to everyone.


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Weather Forecast

For an up to date local  weather forecast visit here.

Remember it is a Bank Holiday in the UK, so bring clothes for every season!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Provisional Seeding Race Heats

The event gets ever closer and things are starting to slot into place.

Below are the provisonal seeding heats.

Click on them to view a larger version or see below for a downloadable version.

 NOTE: These are only provisional and may change at any time before the 1st race.

Click Here for downloadable version

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Addendum Q

Attached below is the extract from Notice of Race regarding the use of Addendum Q along with an advice note for skippers.

Please read carefully.

Addendum Q(Page 1)

Addendum Q (Page 2)

Race Committee Notes 1

Umpire Notes

Competitors Notes

Observers Notes

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Welcome letter

All competitors who are confirmed entries will receive a welcome letter from the Race Officer, outlining the format of the weekend and giving information on the social events planned.

This is being sent by email.

Should you not receive yours by the weekend (15th May) please contact Graham Allen